Jerah Hutchins

Gun Instructor | Personal Defense Expert | State Guardsman | Political Activist  | Entrepreneur

Jerah Hutchins is a firearms instructor, 2nd Amendment “Actionist”, entrepreneur, and has been a shooter for over 30 years.  
She has been teaching responsible gun ownership all around the country for the Personal Defense Network & her own company, Clearing the Chamber for 16 years. Her nonprofit, W.A.D.E (Women’s Awareness & Defense Endeavor) was launched in 2017, inspired by her own sexual assault & domestic violence encounters, where she gives free instruction to single mothers, low-income women, and those who have emancipated themselves from abusive relationships.
She has written workshops over the years that speak directly to women who have embraced the #2A life including “How to Protect What You’re Expecting”, “Time Management for Women Who Carry”, “Prepare in What You Wear” & “The What If Scenarios”.  
She is also known for testifying on the local and national level in defense of gun rights along with her staunch and direct social media stance that the 2nd Amendment “shall not be infringed”. 
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