Pathway to Training

This is our recommended pathway to becoming proficient in firearms and safety training. If you have any questions please let us know!
Our safety seminars, one-on-one training and choosing a gun service are stand-alone options. See below for more details on each program.

Intro to Handgun

(1 on 1 & Group)
This class is ideal for the student who is wanting to purchase their first firearm, recently purchased their first firearm or wants to get to know several firearms they have already. In this 1 hour session, the student will learn the proper grip, stance, sight picture, and trigger pull of a handgun.  The student will also learn basic handgun safety as well as gun range etiquette and marksmanship.  An assessment of the students’ problem areas (jerking the trigger, anticipation of recoil, etc.) is included as well as a written “Pathway of Training” based on the student’s goals.
Prerequisites: None
Age Restrictions: Anyone aged 10 or older
Duration: 1 Hour
Cost: $150 single student
* within 50 miles of Dallas/Ft.Worth.
Please email for pricing on lessons beyond 50 miles
* email for group pricing

Intuitive Defensive Shooting (Draw from Holster, 1 on 1 & Group)

This class builds upon your Intro to Handgun skills and incorporates carry on the body and drawing from holster.  You learn the proper way to Draw From Holster (DFH) including trigger discipline and the following fundamentals:

  • Fundamentals of Defensive Shooting & Intuitive Skill Development
  • Combat Accuracy
  • Lateral Motion
  • The Balance of Speed & Precision
  • The Critical Incident Reload
  • Volume of Fire
  • Realistic Training for Multiple Target Engagement
  • Understanding the Body’s Natural Reactions during a Dynamic Critical Incident
  • The Skill Development Cycle
  • One-Handed & Weak-Handed Shooting

*$300 single student

* Prerequisites: Intro to Handgun

Duration: 4 Hours

*within 50 miles of Dallas/Ft.Worth.  
Please email for pricing on lessons beyond 50 miles.
*email for group pricing.

College Safety Seminar

(Situational Awareness & Self-Defense for Teens)
This class is directed toward high school teens who are starting to spend more time away from their parents or preparing to go to college.  We dive deep into situational awareness, physical safety, psychology, dating and how to watch out for your friends in group scenarios.
*email for group rates
Prerequisites: none
Duration: 3 Hours

For Group Rates email 

The “What If” Scenarios

This class is for groups only and combines physical response with mental analysis and judgemental training.  A scenario will be given and the students will perform a response.  They will then be coached on that response and be given a legal education on the consequences of that response.  The goal of this class is to show the students the value of time in regard to actions, how to quickly analyze a potential duress situation, and how to expect legal action after self-defense.
*This class is conducted with non-lethal firearms (airsoft)
*email for group rates
Prerequisites: None
Duration: 3 Hours

For Group Rates email 

Help Me Pick My Gun

I offer this service to anyone who is new to guns and wants to make the best choice possible for their carry pistol based on their own preferences and any anatomical limitations. We will meet at a gun range with a rental inventory and you will shoot multiple firearms and we will analyze accuracy, comfort, personal preferences, and concealment.  I can also offer advice on holster options and additional gear.
Cost: $50/hr (does not include range fees or rental fees), $150/hr (with Intro to Handgun lesson included)
Prerequisites: None (but Intro to Handgun is strongly encouraged)
Duration: 1 Hour

License to Carry (Texas only)

This class goes over the two requirements for one to obtain a License to Carry in the State of Texas (the legal classroom portion & the shooting qualification).  The two components can be done separately or together (note: doing them separately could result in additional charges).
Texas is a Constitutional Carry State but I advise obtaining a LTC as it makes it easier to purchase firearms and travel with your firearms.  It also gives you the legal education necessary to make wise decisions regarding your self defense.
Prerequisites: None
Duration: 4 Hours
Age Requirements: 21 or older (18 with special circumstances)
*$300 for single student
*$350 for couples
*email for larger group rates

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